Because listening is (the) key.

Values & Guidance is a family office that puts You first.

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What is Values & Guidance?

Values & Guidance is a Family Office based in Vienna. Since 2008 we have been supporting not only families and their companies but individuals as well in structuring succession processes and their assets.

With many years of experience, we have learned that every company with its services and products is as unique as every family and its members. Therefore, only individually customized solutions are effective. We are able to elaborate exactly these solutions simply because we are listening, we are reading between lines and we are thinking out of the box.

Our Approach

We are really good at what we do. But we also know that we can’t always be the best. That is why we have a pool of experts at our disposal. For each case we carefully select a suitable partner to ensure consistent results. Because that’s what really matters.

Besides that, we value transparency and are more than happy to disclose our processes. We ensure that nobody will be taken by surprise in the end. You can rely on that.

Partner Network

What we offer

Wealth Management

Over 30 years of experience in the finance sector allows us to provide competent advice on asset management, within the framework of our license as a securities service provider. We work independently, individually and transparent concerning both objective and costs.

Family Guidance

We assist entrepreneurial families and individuals for whom transparency, responsibility and trust are paramount. We know, how precarious corporate succession could be. Not only legally or tax-wise, but especially the interpersonal relationships play a key role. Several years’ experience allow us to put family, business and assets into long term harmony.

Our results

Sustainable. We are not only seeing the color “green”, rather we are striving for the understanding of a permanent and long-term satisfactory solution and performance. The fact that we have been looking after our existing clients for over than ten years tells its own tale.

Individual. We don’t follow a recipe, but a simple rule of thumb, which says: we are only then satisfied when our customer is pleased and the agreed upon goals have been achieved. This rule applies to our Wealth Management, as well as to our Family Guidance projects.

Transparent. We are not secretive and do not work behind closed doors. We disclose our processes and are happy to pass on our know-how to our customers, though we keep every concern strictly confidential.