Values create wealth.

Transparent solutions, tailored to your individual needs.

Wealth Management

We advise families and individuals on their investments of their assets. Independently and individually. Values & Guidance has spent a large part of its career in investment management. We saw firsthand what went well and what could have been better- especially for entrepreneurial families. This was one of the reasons why we started to break new grounds and offer alternatives. We succeeded.

Together with our customers we develop original and transparent solutions far from standardized investment products. Values & Guidance takes full responsibility for this. The continued trust of our customers validates our work.

Why are we convinced of our offered products?

Values & Guidance carefully selects its service and data providers. Data quality is our top priority. What is crucial to us to speak of high quality? Independence, reliability, and comprehensive analyses.

What we offer

Realignment and structuring of liquid assets

Establishment of clarity about the investment objective, costs and risks

Definition and implementation of the investment strategy

Establishment of family-owned investment committees if required

Our partners


Green Alpha Risk Management Model

We understand the value of assets. To be on the safe side, together with Green Alpha Ltd., we developed our own risk management system GARM (Green Alpha Risk Management Model).

GARM is an independent data service provider that allows to define, continuously analyze all risks for each fund and portfolio individually according to each customer criteria. We evaluate portfolio-specific parameters and market risks, which are being expressed by various key figures. Compliance with the risk parameters is continuously monitored and automatically regulated by GARM.


Sustainable Alpha Fund

The Sustainable Alpha Fund is the answer for all those who are still skeptical about sustainable and climate- friendly investments, for those who would like to have ethical aspects taken into account and finally, for those who are simply looking for a safe investment for their assets.

Sustainable Alpha Fund invests globally in diverse and carefully selected stocks and bonds and follows an absolute return approach together with strict sustainability criteria, as this is the only way sustainable investment alternatives are able to work.

Carbon Metrics

Climate Risk Assessment Tool – Lifecycle Analysis

Carbon Metrics is a climate risk assessment tool based on extensive product life cycle analyzes. It is a data platform that analyzes greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) (Scopes 1,2 and 3). All emissions that arise from the moment of extraction of raw materials throughout production until the use of the product or service are considered. This enables us to estimate the complete climate risk of individual investments. After CM has quantified the financial impact of climate change, we incorporate this metric into our investment process. The long-term approach for our investments return sustainable results.