Green investment with stability

Transparent solutions tailored to your needs.

A strategic, green Approach

A strategic, green Approach

With 30 years of experience in the financial market, we focus on the preservation and growth of your assets. We are a trustworthy partner for families, businesses, and individuals, offering personal contact and tailored wealth management. 


Through regular updates and strategic advice, we stand by you as a reliable anchor, even in turbulent times. 


Our Heartfelt Mission: Eco-Friendly Investments to Protect Our Kids' Sustainable Future 

Our Funds

Growth through strict sustainability criteria

Growth through strict sustainability criteria

My mission is to invest your money in a way that benefits both you and our planet. For 35 years, I've witnessed in the international finance sector how returns are often made at the expense of nature. That's why I founded funds with strict sustainability criteria that also take climate risk into account.  


I'm proud that our award-winning fund, "Sustainable Alpha," has grown by nearly 30% since its inception. Year after year, we demonstrate how to achieve returns in harmony with nature. 

Our innovative strength

Unique system for climate risk assessment

Application of exclusion criteria.

Strong focus on absolute return strategies.

Internal risk model for continuous scrutiny and analysis of all processes.

35 years of international expertise in the financial sector

Collaboration with scientific and environmental institutes

Awards and Mentions

We have rated the Sustainable Alpha Fund out of 1,917 funds with 92.5 ESG points and awarded it GOLD. 


We value the expertise and vision of Values & Guidance, and the collaboration with a strong focus on the financial impacts of climate change. 

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