Sustainable Alpha

SustA Mixed Fund

The Sustainable Alpha is a mixed fund, investing in individual stocks and bonds on a global basis and follows an absolute return approach. The fund is a product in accordance with Article 9 of the European Disclosure Regulation and follows a dark-green approach, taking into account ecological and social characteristics. It invests based on a strict sustainability principle with fixed exclusion criteria (fossil energy producers, aviation, conventional automobile manufacturers, child labor, etc.), with the aim of achieving a positive impact on the environment and society. This involves the use of an external ESG rating (Environmental, Social, Governance) as well as an external climate risk assessment model (Carbon Metrics). The fund aims to invest in companies that define the reduction of CO2 values and decarbonization as a clear goal.

As part of the fund management, at least 90% of the fund's volume is invested in assets that aim for sustainable investments. Of this, at least 50% of the fund's volume is made in ecologically sustainable investments with an environmental goal.

The achievement of the sustainable investment goal and thus the overall sustainability impact of the fund is measured annually based on the following indicators:

  1. Energy, energy efficiency, and mobility: The proportion of companies in the renewable energy sector in the investment fund.

  2. Water: The proportion of companies in the water, wastewater, and water supply sectors.

  3. Recycling, waste, and resource efficiency: The proportion of companies in the recycling and waste management sector.

Furthermore, the following indicators are continuously collected:

Exclusion criteria: The continuous compliance with the exclusion criteria of the investment fund is checked. This check is carried out daily.

Goals for sustainable development: Checking the extent to which the investments held in the Sustainable Alpha Fund contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

CO2 footprint: Calculation of the CO2 footprint of the Sustainable Alpha Fund based on the 12-month average of greenhouse gas emissions Scope 1+2+3.

Further details in Annex III of the sales prospectus.

A retail tranche (ISIN: AT0000A1XCH1 (T)) is also available; further information can be requested directly from V&G.


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