Sustaining family businesses.

The family office for generations.

“Some family businesses have been around for generations. To keep it that way, there is Values & Guidance”.

Family Guidance

We know how challenging it is to lead a company from one generation to the next. It takes a lot of personal commitment, time, and skill to adapt a family business to any changes. Moreover, we know how difficult it can be to reach agreements concerning the view of the business being a part of the family wealth.

How do we know?

We have assisted entrepreneurial families with our many years of experience to overcome these and other obstacles. They turn to us to receive clarity for themselves and their company.

For you, for your family, and for your business.

Our role can be compared to the one of a mediator, of a planer and of a consultant all at the same time. Each process we go through with a family is as individual as the problems the confront us with. Experience has shown that there is one thing that they all have in common: at the beginning of every agreement is a fundamental willingness to enter a dialogue with one another. This is where we start.

What we offer

Moderation of work processes in order to clarify family strategic issues

Support in reaching agreements on generation and succession issues

Development of the structural framework

Accompaniment and support in the implementation of measures